Best Collection of Uniqueness | 1pcs Auto scan Multi frequency 280-868mhz Universal remote control duplicator garage command gate remote controller rolling code
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1pcs Auto scan Multi frequency 280-868mhz Universal remote control duplicator garage command gate remote controller rolling code

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1pcs Auto scan Multi frequency 280-868mhz Universal remote control duplicator garage command gate remote controller rolling code

Up to 4 different remotes in ONE. Every button can be programmed as a replacement for a different using only one transmitter you can control up to 4 devices from different producers.

It is a replacement for fixed and rolling code remotes with the frequency from 280 to 868 MHz.

Please note: If you are not sure if your remote is compatible. Please contact us. Send me a photo of your original remote. I can give you very professional advice. ​ Clone Remote control brand list: ACM TX2, TX2 COLOR, TX4 ADYX TE4433H BLUE,433-HG BRAVO,ALIZE EM2C,ALIZE EM4C AERF COMPACT,HY-DOM, MERCURI B, MERCURI C, SABUTON, MARS,SATURN, ST3/N, TERRA, TMP-1,TMP-2, UNITECH ALLMATIC BROWN, BROWN RED, BRO.OVER, PASS, MINIFASS, APERTO TX02-434-2, TX02-868-2 BLUE, 4025 TX02-868-2, 4022 TX02-434-2, 4020 TX03-434, TX-03-868-4, 4013, TX03-434-4 APRIMATIC APRIMATIC TR2,TR4,TM4 ATA ​ATA PTX4 BLUE,PTX 4 PINK AVIDSEN 100400,104505,100550,400600,100951,100955,100601 micromark MM23164 104251,104250,104250 OLD,104250 RED,104257,104350,654250 BALLAN FM400,FM400E APERIO GO,GO PRO,GO MINI BALLAN FM400, FM400E, FM404B, 4013 BENINCA TO.GO, T2WV,TO.GO4WV,TO.GO 2 WK/TO.GO 4 WK,TO.GO2QV/TO.GO4 QV, IO, CUPIDO, LOT2WCV, LOT1W, LOT2W, LOT4W, LOT1WM, LOT2WM,T2W,T4W,T2 ,ROLLKEY – CUPIDO 2 – CUPIDO 4 – IO &CO -APPLE 4WV VW/TO.GO4VW,APPLE, CAME CAME T431, T434, TOP432A, TOP434A, TOP432, TAM432SA, TOP432NA,TOP432 EE/TOP 434 EE,TOP 862 EV CARDIN S435,S449,S486,S476TX2,S476TX4,TRQ449100/TRQ449200/TRQ449300/TRQ449400,TXQ449200/TXQ449300/TXQ449400,S486:TRQ486200/TRQ486400,TXQ486200/TXQ486400 S435,S449,S486,S476TX2 TRQ S449, TRQ S449 GREEN (PRECODE),TXQ S449, TXQ S449 GREEN,TRQ S486, TXQ S486, S437 TX,XRADO CLEMSA MUTANCODE, T, T-8, E-CODE N,MASTERCODE MV Chamberlain Liftmaster Motorlift 4330E (4330EML, G4330E, G4330) 4332E (4332EML, G4332E, G4332) 4333E (4333EML, G4333E, G4333) 4335E (4335EML, HE4331, G4335E, G4335) ​Keyfob Types: 1A5477,1A5097, 1A5478, 1A5080,953ESTD, 371LM(315MHZ), 81LM,971LM(390MHZ) 84330E, 94334CE, 94333E, 94334E, 94335E, 9747E,1A5639-7, 1A5477, 1A6487, 132B2372, D-66793, WICKES156105, 84333E, 84335E, 8747E, 84330EML, 84333EML, 84335EML, 8747EML, 94330E, 94330EWK, 94330EML, 94333EML, 94335EML, 94334HD, GC844, CG844, C840, C940, C943, C945, CM842, CM844, CM128 DEA TR MIO,TR2 MIO/TR4 MIO,TS2 MIO 868/TS4 MIO 868,133 1, 433 2, 433 4, SYSTEM PUNTO 278, GOLDR, GENIE R 273,MIO TD2,MIO TD4,GT2M,GT4M,GENIE,punto-2,punto-4 DOORHAN Doorhan Transmitter2,Doorhan Transmitter4 DITEC DITEC GOL4, GOL4C, BIX LS2, BIXLP2,BIXLP2 RED,BIXLG4, BIX AG4 DASPI ZERO RC ECOSTAR RSC, RSE, RSZ ERREKA IRIS, ROLLER 2, ROLLER 433, ROLLER 868, SOL433, SOL868, VEGA 433,VEGA 868,LUNA 2,LUNA 3,RESON 1,RESON 2 FAAC XT2/XT4 433 SLH LR,XT2/XT4 868SLH LR,XT4 433 RC,TM1 433 DS, TM2 433 DS, TM3 433 DS, 433L2, 433L4, TM22 433 SLP, TM4 433 SLP,TE4433H, XT 433SLH, XT 868SLH, T 433 SLH, T 868,SLH, TML 433SLH, TML 868 SLH, DL 868 SLH FADINI FADINI JUBI,JUBI SMALL, ASTRO 43 SMALL,433 M2 ASTRO 433-2, ASTRO 433-4, JUBI2/JUBI4 GIBIDI GIBIDI OPEN TMB, OPEN OUT, AUO1590, AU1600, DOMI- NO AU1680 WOOD, GIBIDI AU1610,GIBIDI AU1680, AU1810, AUO3000,AUO3000 DOMINO,DTC 4334,DTS4334-AUO400,HSM4, GENIE GITR-3, GIT, GICT390, GIFT390-1,G3T-BX, G1T-BX, GM3T, GICTD, GIFTD GENIUS CASALI A252RC,AMIGOLD, AMIGO, KILO BRAVO, ECHO HORMANN HORMANN HS1, HS2, HS4 868 HORMANN HSE2 868 HORMANN HSM2, HSM4 868HORMANN HSP4, HSP4-C 868 HORMANN HSD2-A, HSD2-C 868 HORMANN HSZ1, HSZ2 868 HORMANN FIT2 868 Blue button,can not clone other button KEY KEY tutti i modelli senza esclusioni,900TXB-42R, TXB 44R, SUB 44R KING GATES CLIPPER, STYLO LIFE LIFE FIDO 2, LIFE FIDO 4 LIFE VIP 2, LIFE VIP 4 LIFE VIP 2*, LIFE VIP 4 LABEL SPYCO LINEAR MCT-11,ACT-21,ACT-22,STING RAY ACT-31,STING RAY ACT-34B MHOUSE TX4,TX4C,GTX4 MOOVO MT4,MT4G,MTX4V MARANTEC 433mhz 868mhz DIGITALE D 302 868 Marantec Digital D 304 Marantec Digital D313 Marantec Digital D 321 Marantec Digital D 323 Marantec comando 131 MERLIN MERLIN M842 (GREEN REMOTE),M832 (GREEN REMOTE), M844 (GREENREMOTE), C945,C940, C943 MERLIN 2.0 E945M, E943M, E940M, E940M NICE SMILO, SMILO2/SMILO4,FLOR-S, VERY-VR, ONE,INTI,FLO1,FLO1RE,FLO2RE,FLO4RE,FLO1R-S,FLO2R-S, FLO2, FLO4,FLO4R-S,VERY VR,ONE ERA:ON1E/ONE2E/ONE4E/ONE9E NOVOFERM MCHS, MICRO-NOVOTRON 502,MINI-NOVOTRON 504, MICRO-NOVOTRON 502,MICRO-NOVOTRON 504,MICRO-NOVOTRON 31, MICRO-NOVOTRON 51,MINI-NOVOTRON 30,MINI-NOVOTRON 50, MNHS, PECCININ TX MENBRANA PRASTEL MTE, MPSTLE, MPSTP2E, TCE, BFOR,TRQ-P, SLIM-E PUJOL MARTE,P215,TWIN,VARIO,VARIO MARS, VARIOOCEAN,NEO SOMFY TELIS,KEYTIS2 NS/KEYTIS4 NS,KEYGO 4RTS,SOMFY 433-NLT4 BEIGE,SOMFY433-NLT2 RTR,SOMFY TX2 433MHZ SEAV BE HAPPY RS(BE-HAPPY-RS1,BE-HAPPY-RS2,BE-HAPPY-RS3),BE-SMART RSX,BE-HAPPY RH1,BE-HAPPY RH2,BE-HAPPY RH3 SOMMER 4014 (434),4013 (434),4025-TX02-868.4011,4026 (868),4020 (868),4022 TXO2 (434),4022 TX03-434-2,4010,4050 STAGNOLI KALLISTO, VENUS AV223 TAU 250K-SLIMRP, 250K-SLIMR,250T-4RP TELCOMA FM400E, FM400,EDGE2,EDGE4,Tango Blue 2,Tango Blue 4,Slim 2,Slim 4 VDS ECO-R, TRQ P V2 PHOX 2,PHOX 4,PHOENIX 2,PHOENIX 4,TXC,TRC,TSC4,HANDY,PHOENIX,PHOX 433,TPR1 – 43 BLUE,TPR2 – 43 BLUE,TPR1 – 43 PINK,TRR1,TRR2,TRR4,TRR2 purple,TRR4 purple If you are not sure about compatibility. Please contact us. How to program new remote. Face to face copy your original remote control, Copying Procedure for the Remote Control 1.While pressing the button 1 of the remote, press 4 times of the button 2. 2.Release both buttons. Now the led emits a quick flash every 2 sec. 3.Place the original remote control in front of our remote, at about 4-5 cm of distance 4.Press and retain pressed the button of the original remote control that you want to copy until our remote led will change frequency of flashing (faster than before), as a confirmation of the correct copy of the code. 5.While the LED is flashing, press the button of our remote where you want to store the code just copied, until the led will turn off. 6.The copy has been successful. 7.Proceed with the remote control on the receiver same as original branded remote Note: If the LED will flash only 3 times and than will turn off, it means that the code hasn’t been copied well. In this case repeat the operation from the point 1. The memory of our remote is completely re-writable. To duplicate a second button, repeat the operation from the point 1. To activate the remote control on the receiver for models marked with master code, proceed as below: 1.First of all you must be close to the automation (eg. receiver). 2.Press and retain pressed the programmed button for about 10 sec, when the LED start to flash, 3.release the button. 4.Wait until the LED will turn off. The operation has been done, now you can use your new remote control. PLEASE: Verify that the remote control is a MASTER. Pressing any buttons, the LED should issue a double flash rather than switch on as a fixed light.

  1. Remote Control

  2. Battery

  3. Keychain

  4. English Manua

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Weight 0.07 g
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 8 cm
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Model Number







Electric Door,Automated curtains,Lighting,Switch,Universal

Wireless Communication


Brand Name



280mhz to 868mhz








Metal and PVC


Remote Control/Key Chain/English Manual/Battery


Universal gate garage remote control


Universal 433mhz 315mhz 390mhz 868mhz gate transmitter


Multi Frequency 280-868mhz garage control


universal remote control duplicator/garage command

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