Best Collection of Uniqueness | GHXAMP TPA3116 Subwoofer Bluetooth Amplifier Digital Audio Board 2.1 Amplifier 50W*2+100W Bass AUX For 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker
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GHXAMP TPA3116 Subwoofer Bluetooth Amplifier Digital Audio Board 2.1 Amplifier 50W*2+100W Bass AUX For 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker

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USD 21.05/pieceUSD 30.80/pieceUSD 43.05/pieceUSD 23.69/pieceUSD 15.36/pieceUSD 8.81-16.61/pieceUSD 17.78/pieceUSD 31.99/lot Tips: if you need Power Supply,Please Choose this : and if you need subwoofer speaker ,Please choose: This is a support Bluetooth 4.2 audio receiver , with a pre-amplifier, Bass crossover Processing. With bass, left and right channel volume adjustment, treble adjustment, the total volume potentiometer control 2.1 amplifier board. Use DC power supply: 12-24V Power Supply, Maximum support 50W (left channel) +50 W (right channel) +100 W (bass channel) three-channel output. Is the use of the United States TI company TPA3116D2 high-performance digital amplifier chip as the core, a parallel bridge subwoofer output, do a left and right channel output. Wide operating voltage, power-saving design, efficiency up to 90%. You can use good performance switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, you can also use the charging bottle, or car power supply and so on. Board is a good test of the finished product board is welded, according to figure connected to a good speaker, audio input or connect the Bluetooth audio device and connected to the power can be used. Volume potentiometer: Volume potentiometer left turn is to adjust lower volume, turn right is to adjust HIGH volume. Press Down is the function switch Function switch Instructions for use: 1. Plug in the power on default Bluetooth mode 2. Bluetooth Disconnected, long press switch can Change to audio Input Mode. 3. Bluetooth play status, short press the switch to pause / play The main technical parameters: Dimensions: 101 (W) x 100 (D) x 25 (H) mm, excluding potentiometer and socket projection Voltage range: DC 11-25V (Current 3-4A, or 19-24V / 4-5A, such as high power requirements 20-24V / 8-9A above) Subwoofer frequency range :20Hz~200Hz Bluetooth receiving distance:> 8 m (meters) Audio input sensitivity: 600-800mV, frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz, Speaker impedance: left and right channel speakers: 4-8 ohm, Bass speaker impedance: 2-8 OHM, Product questions: 1. Power amplifier board using a current sound, noise? Our power amplifier, most of them are the use of DC power supply. The board itself does not produce current noise and noise, The main reasons are: A: with the power supply filter is not good, the current sound is the power or audio input is not normal B: The quality of the input signal is poor, the output of the device connected to the input link is not normal, and the noise is caused by improper audio input C: The quality of the input cable is poor, the cable is not properly connected, the cable is damaged, and the wiring is vacant D: input connected to other playback devices, some devices share the power supply to cause noise 2.No sound, no sound in one channel? A speaker is bad, speaker cable barrier B, poor input cable connection, wiring damage, input connected to play the device output is not normal 3 .Volume open big breaking sound, broken sound? A. Insufficient power supply, wiring to confirm the correct wiring, supply current is sufficient B. Speaker itself poor performance or damage, speaker power is too small or too large C. Left and right channel speaker (+) (-) output is independent. Can not connect to each other 4. Subwoofer amplifier volume open large speaker broken sound? 1. The lack of power, the line to confirm the correct wiring, power supply current is sufficient 2. The speaker’s own power is too large or the audience, the speaker’s bass performance is poor. The structure of the speaker box, this These are not normal will cause broken sound 5. The volume of power is not enough? Power and power supply voltage, the amplitude of the audio signal, the size of the speaker impedance has a relationship, any one will be less than shadow Sound power 6. Amplifier will burn it? A: The positive and negative polarity of the power supply are reversed, the power supply voltage is too high, exceeding the working voltage of white paper B: If the board requires the use of DC power supply is not directly connected to the AC adapter power supply (this need to add rectifier filter to DC, it can be accessed) C to confirm the wiring is correct, connected to the power supply, wiring errors, short circuits, will cause damage to the key parts! Tips:Each batch of Material and Color will be different, But the Material parameters are the same. Random delivery, Package 1pcs TPA3116 2.1 Bluetooth 4.2 Subwoofer Amplifier Board This is a real test data on the instrument, the output power and supply voltage and current, speaker impedance, the amplitude of the input source. Usually the power supply voltage is higher, the output power that can be supported is bigger. Different impedance speakers, support for the output power is also different, usually smaller speaker impedance power is also easier to do larger. Power requirements are particularly high pro, before taking the picture to understand the above parameters Sorry,dear buyer.the amplifier need wait 10days in stock.if you want buy, please leave a message.Thanks

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TPA3116D2 Bluetooth 4.2 With AUX Audio Input


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